Please call Jordan Tax Service to set up garbage billing in your name and to have any billing issues resolved

Jordan Tax Service can be reached at 724-731-2300


Recycling Bins can be purchased at the Borough Office for $20.

All recycling for the Borough of Canonsburg will be collected on every other Friday. The following recyclables should be placed inside the container provided. No plastic bags should be used.

Designated Recyclables:

  • Glass - Brown, green and clear glass food and beverage bottles and jars. No window glass, dishes, light bulbs. Rinse out glass and remove lids and metal or plastic rings. Must be unbroken, remove as much label as possible.
  • Plastic - PETE containers, indicated by a recycling symbol with an enclosed number 1-7. Includes soda bottles, etc. HPDE containers, indicated by recycling symbol with and enclosed number two
  • Bi-Metal and Steel Cans - food and juice cans
  • Newspapers - includes magazines, must be in paper bag or cardboard box
  • Leaves will be collected on a designated date in October and November. The date will be advertised on this web site and in the Observer-Reporter. All leaves must be placed in biodegradable bags.

Recycling is mandatory in Canonsburg; those not recycling are subject to a $1,000 fine.

If there are any questions or problems, call Waste Management at 800-866-4460.